Dietary Advice For Cancer Patients

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Nutrition is an important part of cancer prevention, cancer treatment and recovery. It is more important in the case of cancer as it is a fundamental issue with the body. The right kind of food is one of the few things you can be in control of during your treatment. Replenishing the body with required nutrients, minerals and anti-cancer foods is a must to improve the metabolism and empower your body to fight the disease. Choosing the right foods, in context of your health status / other pre-existing diseases is important.
Certified Onco-Nutritionist  Fatema Malik is here to help you make informed choices about nutrition, answer your nutrition-related questions, and help you to achieve and maintain good health.
Consultations Offered
1. Dietary advice to manage the side effects of cancer treatment
2. Dietary advice to improve energy levels and prevent weight loss
3. Dietary advice to reduce the risk of cancer recurrence
4. Dietary advice for other conditions
5. Healthy recipes to combat the side effects of the treatment.
6. Tips and tricks on healthy food
7. Educate and create awareness about nutrition and life style modification
How It Works
1. You can book the service here. 
2. Anvay team will call you and gather your medical history and reports. 
3. Anvay prepares a health profile as a pdf and shares it with you.  
4. Anvay schedules an online meeting with the Ms. Fatema as per mutual availability.
5. Anvay will share a detailed report on the recommendations. 
6. These recommendations are available in the online diet planner tool in Anvay.
7. Follow-up discussions will be scheduled as needed. 
For any queries: write to  or Whatsapp: +91 98800 48094

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