Cancer Care Nutrition Plan

A personalized set of weekly consultations for a period of 1 month leading to the development of a holistic plan covering lifestyle changes and meal plan. This plan should be opted for by cancer fighters who have planned for treatment OR they are undergoing chemotherapy / radiation treatment OR have completed the treatment. For these users the consultation will focus on building immunity, strength and reducing side effects of the treatment.
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The various aspects of nutrition for prevention, during and after treatment of cancer are based on one common foundation of a micro nutrients dense diet and a diet based on anti inflammatory foods based on seasonal choices of local produce. Such diets ensure a maximum intake of antioxidants to minimise inflammation and oxidative stress which strengthens the immune system and allows it to guard against any invasive organisms or chemicals or anything which it regards as a threat to the body's total well being.


1. Detailed interaction of one hour to understand the various nutritional, medical & emotional concerns

2. Then a weekly/ fortnightly meal plan is designed based on preventive aspect / ongoing treatment.

3. There's a daily feedback from the user for a 24 hour cycle from lunch to lunch, based on which the meal plan is tweaked  modified.

4. A shorter session every week for a period of 1 month to check for changes and progress. 


1. People battling chronic issues like obesity, thyroid, diabetes, etc. and would like to focus on improved health and cancer prevention

>> Get a personalized lifestyle and meal plan report to minimize chronic ailments and reduce the risk of manifestation of cancer


2. People diagnosed with Cancer and planning for treatment || People currently undergoing treatment

>> Develop a personalized activity and meal plan that can be practiced along with the treatment schedule to maintain immunity & reduce side-effects.

3. People who have completed a round of treatment 

>> Develop a personalized activity and meal plan that is focussed on healing side-effects, imunity boost, metabolism boost

4. People who are currently CANCER FREE

>> Develop a personalized activity and meal plan that is focussed on maintaining CANCER FREE status, ensuring strong metabolism and immunity, reducing risk of recurrence.


Leverage Anvay Tools to chart your meal plan in the calendar and get assistance to follow it. 


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