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Connect with Dr. Jayanti Thumsi and get guidance on the current breast disease and understand a treatment roadmap. Use this consult to get your doubts clarified. This consultation is available online. Users in Bangalore can opt for an in-person consultation as well.
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Dr. Jayanti Thumsi is one of the very few lady surgeons specializing in Breast Oncology Surgery and women-related surgical problems. She has over 18 years of experience in complete breast care.  Consult Dr. Jayanti to understand the stage & complexity of the disease, clarify your doubts and understand the treatment roadmap. This consultation is available online.

Dr. Jayanti is a specialist in Breast Conservation Surgeries, Mastectomies, Non-palpable Breast Cancers, Microdochectomy, Benign (non cancerous) Breast Diseases, LD Flaps, Implant based and Breast Reconstruction Surgeries, Sentinel Lymph node biopsy etc. 

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7 .For any questions or clarity, feel free to mail of Whatsapp on the aboe given contacts. 

You can see her profile on this link.

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