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Guidance on Wellness From an Ayurveda Perspective
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Ayurveda deals with the disease right from causative factors to the process of the manifestations. A consultation with an Ayurveda perspective will help a cancer patient to understand the complementary protocol to be adopted pre & post surgery, during and post chemotherapy and or radiation therapy. This protocol helps the body to sustain the ongoing treatment, build strength and overcome the side-effects of the conventional treatment methods.
The protocol includes recommendations with regards to food, rest, sleep pattern in order to face the challenges, that may arise subsequent to the above procedures, without disturbing the beneficial attributes of the above procedures. The patient, if needed, will be advised authentic Ayurvedic remedies and some therapies like Abhyanga or Shirodhara for enhancing the overall mental and physical endurance. It will help with strengthing the other systems of the body thus ensuring a better quality life ahead.  It also helps a patient to maintain equilibrium in the body to lead a healthier life ahead. 

The Consultation Process

1. Please complete your detailed health profile. It helps the consultant with a good view of your current health status and medical history.  Completing the profile before hand also will allow you to utilize the consultation time more on discussing treatment methods.

2. Upload your medical reports and prescriptions in the Reports section in the Dashboard.  The reports can also me mailed to support@anvay.co.  OR Whatsapp to +91 98800 48094

3. Book a Consultation and Complete Payment. 

4. Anvay will revert with the date and time of consultation. The consultation will typically be a video call for 30 - 45 minutes of duration.  Anvay will provide the web link for the online discussion. 

5. Post the discussion, you will receive a report with your profile information and the summary of recommendations. 


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