Survivorship Care Program (PCC) is a personalized program for people free from cancer. The program aims to rehabilitate, rejuvenate and detoxify the body with holistic healing methods

  1. Yoga & Meditation,
  2. Nutrition
  3. Naturopathy
  4. Lifestyle elements

Cancer treatment typically takes a stiff toll on the body, both mentally and physically.  Rehabilitation post-surgery, chemo or radiotherapy might be needed to address the long  term side-effects and improving functional ability. This program helps you achieve physical, mental, emotional & spiritual rejuvenation resulting in your self-transformation. This is critical to have a good quality of life and reduce the risk of recurrence. 

Other Programs

Preventive Care

Personalized Integrative Care Program for Women. The focus is on addressing Hormonal imbalance, Obesity, Gynaecological issues, Stress and other Lifestyle disorders. These conditions are potential causes of Breast, Cervical and other types of cancers in Women.

Cancer Care

Personalized Integrative Care Program for Cancer Fighters. Focus is on Management of Side Effects of Chemo / Radio therapy, Natural remedies, Mental Wellness and Relaxation

Onco Opinion

Personalized Oncology Opinion for Breast Cancer . Connect over a Live Tele-consult with our Breast Oncologist. Understand treatment options and get any doubts cleared.