Preventive Care Program


Preventive Care Program (PCC) is a personalized program for women oriented to help them take “Active Control” of their health in a holistic and integrated approach. The program will help solve their existing health issues and orient them towards a healthier state of wellbeing, where they can prevent chronic and critical problems.

Women face significant health issues with Hormonal Imbalances, Gynaecological Issues (Menstrual Disorders, PCOS, Fibroids, Dysplasia etc.) , Obesity and more. Coupled with poor modern lifestyles and mental & emotional stress these issues can become chronic and even be root causes of CANCER in the long term.

ANVAY’s Approach for PCC

Based on a discussion with you, Anvay’s holistic care team will put together a personalized program. This program integrates 

  1. Yoga & Meditation,
  2. Nutrition
  3. Naturopathy
  4. Lifestyle elements

The program is run online over a series of sessions. 

[Program will be offered in an in-person mode, once the COVID scenario is settled. ]

Other Programs

Cancer Care

Personalized Integrative Care Program for Cancer Fighters. Focus is on Management of Side Effects of Chemo / Radio therapy, Natural remedies, Mental Wellness and Relaxation

Survivorship Care

Personalized Integrative Care Program for Cancer Survivors. Focussed on increasing immunity & metabolism, achieving a positive mental state and improved strength. Benefit is reduced risk of recurrence.

Onco Opinion

Personalized Oncology Opinion for Breast Cancer . Connect over a Live Tele-consult with our Breast Oncologist. Understand treatment options and get any doubts cleared.