Jaishree Kannan

Life Coach

Price: 2500


Life Coach, Cancer Coach 

Key Areas

  1. - Leading Heal your Life workshops for individuals and groups.
  2. - Working on inner child issues
  3. - Helping clients to heal cancer and be in remission through a holistic approach.
  4. - One on one coaching and counselling.
  5. - Cooking Demos and workshops on whole plant based diet.


Jaishree Kannan is a qualified psychologist, social worker and counsellor. During the course of her 20 years of experience, she has been associated with community based projects, foster care units, sponsorship programs, adoption agencies and with Training centres for the Disabled. She has worked in the cities of Chennai & now in Mumbai, where she has started her own Wellness Centre. 

Her own Rendezvous with cancer in 2007 forced her to look within for her own healing and transformationIn her personal quest for seeking life’s greater meaning and purpose led her to a two year long Vedic Studies changing her life forever in the process.  Vedanta enabled an enhanced awareness of the ego, the individuality and the feeling of oneness with the environment, people and God.

The great joy of receiving is only matched by even greater joy of giving. Though she has worked for so many years, empowering people, she now feels she comes from a space to truly help fellow seekers to commune better with the divine absolute within, empowering them to achieve their highest potential, in their own journey of personal growth and spiritual evolution.

She is committed to sharing the transformational principles and practices that have changed her life, to inspire people to recognise their magnificent self.


  1. Masters in Social Work and Psychology.
  2. PGDM in Counselling Psychology
  3. Others
    • * Qualified NLP practitioner. Trained under Dr, Dick Mc Hughes and G.L. Sampoorna
    • * Certified Hypnotherapist, from California Hypnosis Institute of India
    • * Certified "Heal Your Life" Workshop leader and coach based on Louise L Hays teachings
    • * Certified Inner Child Integration Therapist.
    • * Completed 9 weeks and Three days, Nutrition Re- educating, programme from The Health Awareness Centre Mumbai.
    • * Trained with SHARAN as A Whole Plant Based Diet Facilitator.
    • * Registered for the e-Cornell plant based Nutrition program .


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