Fatema Malik

Diet & Nutrition


Food ,Nutrition, Dietetics and Cancer Nutrition


7 years of experience in the field.

She has worked as Onco Nutritionist in Indore cancer Foundation and attached with Happy DNA as Peadiatric Onco Nutritionist. She is also associated with Surat Oncology  Centre (Surat’s top chemo hospital). She is the head Nutritionist and co founder of “Saifee Nutrition".

As a Nutritionist, she counsels people towards changing their habits in a positive manner and motivate them to lead a healthy lifestyle. She says that treating food as a medicine will help us to maintain overall health and help enjoy life to the fullest. 
Mantra of this Nutritionist is “Eat healthy and Eat Smart, Live Long and Live Strong”!! 
She believes that a healthy body is symbol of a healthy mind as fitness is not just about having a perfect body but also a healthy mind. However one can achieve the goal of fitness only through dedicated exercise, balanced nutrition and small but permanent behavioral changes.  


 Masters in food and nutrition with specialization in cancer nutrition.


      1. Lifetime membership of Indian Dietetic association.
      2. American association of diabetes educator.
      3. Lifetime membership of Indian society of Parenteral and Enternal Nutrition.


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