Archana Agarwal

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Food & Nutrition


Archana Agarwal, a Health & Wellness Expert possesses a rich experience of over 2 and a half decades. She is known for her passion for Health & Food as she believes that you are what you eat !  Food & Nutrition being her forte, she has been invited as a Speaker on different reputed platforms, like seminars by the medical fraternity, family forums and education institutes. During her career, she has held various positions of responsibility and prestige like Coordinator and Consultant with an NGO, a Diet Consultant at a Skin & Hair Clinic and Wellness Counsellor. Archana has also been closely associated with Max Breast Cancer Support Group and reputed Oncologists and Gynaecologists, as she counsels patients (especially women) suffering from Cancer and women across all age groups including new mothers.


A distinction holder, Archana completed her Post Graduation in Dietetics and Public Health Nutrition from Delhi University.


1. Creating diet plans for Cancer patients with ongoing treatment, post-surgery/ chemotherapy/radiation as well as counselling on a preventive attitude for people.

2. Maintaining healthy body weight to avoid a series of hormonal disorders in the teenage years as well as for a smooth menopausal stage with its manifold distressing symptoms.

3. Working on diet in treating infertility, various weight reduction issues as well as various medical ailments like Hypertension, Diabetes, Respiratory and Cardiovascular diseases.

4. Counselling pregnant n lactating mothers so as to have a heathy baby and at the same avoid excess weight gain.

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