Integrative Care For Cancer

Integrative Cancer Care


Integrative Care for Cancer means meaningfully leveraging complementary, non-conflicting, evidence-informed systems of treatment (YOGA, NUTRITION, COUNSELLING, MEDITATION, ACUPUNCTURE etc.) along with conventional systems of care (Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Immunotherapy, Hormone Therapy etc.) and care to achieve better quality of life and the best possible state of wellness.


The human body is a complex system.  In simplistic terms, for a human system to work in a balanced and optimal way, it needs good quality living environment, nutritious food, proper functioning of the internal sub-systems and a healthy mind to build and sustain a healthy person.  Wellness is not the absence of illness.  It is is the optimal state of working of the human machine which should be sustained. The Wellness Wheel below illustrates this concept. 

For “YOU” to be in the state of wellness, all the Core Elements of ENVIRONMENT, MIND & BODY have to be well.  Any deficiency or problems in one or more of these elements leads to some form of illness (either physical, mental or both), not necessary visible to the eye. Therefore healing and recovery from any illness, particularly CANCER, must have the integration of methods which address the imbalance or deficiencies across all the core elements. 


The Wellness Circle
The Wellness Wheel
The Illness Circle
The Illness Wheel

Physical aspect of wellness can be improved with a combination of Exercise, Yoga, Physiotherapy, Medication, Acupuncture and Surgery (when necessary) and other targeted therapies.  

Mental aspect of Wellness must be improved by practising Meditation,  Counselling Sessions,  Peer Conversations and Positive Social Interactions and activities.  These activities & methods relieve stress, anxiety and depression and improve the Emotional, Spiritual, Mental & Social Aspects of Wellness. Diet and Environment are critical inputs for both mental and physical wellbeing.

An INTEGRATIVE APPROACH requires an assessment across the core elements, leading to a roadmap to bridge the gaps  for all round healing.

Wellness ElementTreatment / Management MethodBenefit
PHYSICALSurgery and conventional therapies, Drug based treatmentsTumor Removal and Killing of Cancer Cells.
YogaImprove Metabolism & Immunity, Functional Ability, Reduce Stress & Anxiety
Diet & Nutrition.Anti-Cancer foods help immune system fight cancer, Eliminate nutritional deficiencies, Improve Metabolism and Immunity
MENTALYoga & Meditation, Counselling, WorkshopsReduce Stress, Anxiety and Depression, Build Confidence and Self-Belief, Relaxation
EMOTIONALCounselling, Interactions & MeetupsRemoves Emotional Barriers, Conversational Openness, Better understanding of emotions, Relaxed & Unburdened Mind.
SPIRITUALMeditation, CounsellingBuilds better perspective and ability to cope with the life situation. Relaxed Mind.
SOCIALGroup Sessions, Meetups, Community InteractionsBuilds empathy with others, brings learning from peers and cancer survivors. improves confidence and ability to fight back.

At ANVAY Cancer Care Studio, we integrate non-clinical wellness methods: YOGA, ACUPUNCTURE, NUTRITION, COUNSELLING to help you achieve the best possible state of wellness an healing.

An integrative approach helps you address CANCER from multiple dimensions of well-being, thereby empowering your body to fight cancer more effectively, reduce the side-effects of treatment and accelerate the healing process.