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Past Events

In this amazing session, Dr. Nikhil Parwate, Gynaec Onco and Robotic Surgeon gives us an extremely informative overview on Cervical, Ovarian and Uterine Cancers. He covers methods for the Prevention , Detection and Treatment for Gynaec Cancers. He also shares about best practices for good gynaec health. Check out the Q&A Session with at the end of 1 Hour.  

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The Perfect Sleep​

Sleep is mostly a taken for granted activity in our day to day lives and many times compromised on. The quality of sleep has deep impact on our mental and functional capabilities. The recording of this working session is available. You can practice along as Dr. Deepa walk you through a complete relaxation session. Available for INR 100 only.


Immunity - The Basics

During this pandemic, health and related concerns occupy a major mindshare. There are many misleading messages / half-truth forwards on immunity doing the rounds on Whatsapp and Facebook. It's time, we get the basics right, such that we can take appropriate actions to strengthen our body.
ANVAY presents an online webinar on understanding immunity, anchored by Dr. Apar Saoji, Deputy Academic Director, SVYASA (Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana), Bangalore.
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Unravelling Hypnotherpay

In this session, Mr. Pradeep Pawar, a certified practitioner of Hypnotherapy & a Reiki Master himself will help us understand Hypnotherapy, the relation of our thoughts, beliefs and subconscious mind and its effect on our health. It promises to be an interesting session with real life case studies and discussions.
The recording of this session will be available shortly.


Ask Me Anything Session on Breast Health

Wonderful Session with Dr. Jayanti Thumsi with detailed instructions on Self-Breast Examination, Screening methods and guidelines on prevention. Many questions answered during the live session.
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Womens Health and Hormones

A very informative session by Dr. Deepashree on Hormonal Imbalances and how women should manage them. She goes on and answers many of questions from registered participants.
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Holistic Care In Cancer

This FREE session helps you understand the benefits of Yoga, Nutrition, Lifestyle changes and mental and emotional wellbeing. It will put you on a path where you or your loved one can adopt these methods and experience its benefits. This is an interactive session followed by a Q&A.
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