Holistic Cancer Care Program

Who Should Participate

  1. Cancer Patients 
  2. Cancer Survivors a.k.a people in remission.
  3. Care Takers

Why Participate

  1. Not just lectures but Working Sessions. 
  2. A calm, peaceful and objective mind is essential to cope and overcome cancer.  It helps with sound decision making and make living every day enjoyable. This program teaches mind relaxation methods to overcome stress, anxiety and restlessness.
  3. Helps reduce the side-effects of conventional treatment.  This program will also enable you to address any other chronic and troubling issues you may have. 
  4. Teaches you methods to improve immunity and metabolism 
  5. Help fine-tune your way-of-living and habits to transform them into wellbeing oriented.
  6. Receive a PDF report on your personal wellness assessment, overall health status, functional and psychological status.  This is based on your health history, our assessment and observations during the sessions. 
  7. Get a personalized roadmap to follow post the program. 
  8. Get a “Wellness Kit” with more reference material, guidelines and videos to help you on your journey.
  9. Group Interactions and experience sharing with other participants. 
  10. Access to “ANVAY’s Wellness App. 
  11. Post Program Support

Core Holistic Methods

  1. YOGA 

Program Structure

Starting JUNE 5, 2020. 

11 AM  – 12:30 PM Slot.

  • 10 Online Working Sessions with a Maximum of 10 Participants in the program.
  • Individual sessions + Group Sessions
  • A small batch of participants helps us personalize the content of the programs to the participants needs.

Participation Fee

INR 3000. 


Email : 

Whatsapp / Call: +91 98800 48094 

Other Programs

Preventive Care

Personalized Integrative Care Program for Women. The focus is on addressing Hormonal imbalance, Obesity, Gynaecological issues, Stress and other Lifestyle disorders. These conditions are potential causes of Breast, Cervical and other types of cancers in Women.

Survivorship Care

Personalized Integrative Care Program for Cancer Survivors. Focussed on increasing immunity & metabolism, achieving a positive mental state and improved strength. Benefit is reduced risk of recurrence.

Onco Opinion

Personalized Oncology Opinion for Breast Cancer . Connect over a Live Tele-consult with our Breast Oncologist. Understand treatment options and get any doubts cleared.