About Anvay

ANVAY Wellness is a social enterprise with focus on PREVENTION – DETECTION-TREATMENT and MANAGEMENT of Cancer. 

Your wellness is our goal.  ANVAY offers integrative care programs leveraging Yoga, Meditation, Naturopathy, Diet & Nutrition, Lifestyle Management, Psychological Counselling, Acupuncture etc. that help you achieve the best possible state of wellness.

Care Programs

1. Cancer Care

Personalized Integrative Care Program for Cancer Fighters. Focus is on management of side effects of treatment, Immunity and Strength building, Natural remedies, Mental Wellness and Relaxation.  The regimen is complementary to any conventional treatment.

2. Cancer Survivorship

Personalized Integrative Care Program for Cancer Survivors. Focus is on management of Immunity and Strength building, alleviating chronic side effects of treatment, rehabilitation, reducing the risk of recurrence, emotional and mental wellness.

3. Preventive Care

Personalized Integrative Care Program for for Women.  The focus is on alleviating chronic issues like hormonal imbalance, obesity, gynaecological issues, Stress and lifestyle disorders.  These conditions are potential causes of Breast, Cervical and other types of cancers in Women.


We are setting up an Integrative Cancer Care Studio in South Bangalore. We intend to offer in-person personalized experience of our care programs at the Studio, where we combine Yoga, Physiotherapy, Meditation, Nutrition and other Mindfulness methods. 

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the launch of the studio is stalled. However, we are initiating personal ONLINE sessions for now.  The limitation of the online session is that physical examination and a personal touch of care is missing. However,  with a disciplined approach, benefit can be had and a wider set of people can benefit. 

For every online session booked, we are offering 1 additional FREE Consultation to all registered users.  We are there for you support. 

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