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ANVAY assists Women Cancer Fighters to access FAIR, FRIENDLY & AUTHENTIC holistic care for breast & gynaec cancers. Anvay works across PREVENTION - DETECTION-TREATMENT-MANAGEMENT of Cancer.

Anvay curates an ecosystem of doctors, oncologists, hospitals , yoga therapists, nutritionists and other holistic care practitioners from across India. Users can connect with any of these doctors and practitioners online to get answers to their questions, get guidance on the disease and treatment roadmap.  Note that Anvay DOES NOT facilitate any online prescriptions from oncologists or doctors. Anvay is helping cancer patients living in any city in India to have a conversation with an expert oncologist or a holistic practitioner, irrespective of the location, at optimal prices. Anvay Users can also book in-person consultations with the care panel members.  Other than treatment guidance, Anvay also helps users get accessories like Wigs,  products like organic microgreens, services like medical device rentals etc.

Integrated Approach 

At Anvay, we believe that an INTEGRATED APPROACH to healing from cancer is critical. Conventional treatments offer tactical interventions that are needed. However conscious changes to diet, nutrition, lifestyle, inclusion of yoga, exercise,  building mindfulness, meditation  etc. will alter your mental and physical wellness to a completely new level of metabolism and immunity. Therefore each individual must prepare an INTEGRATED HEALING ROADMAP for oneself. This is all the more critical for cancer fighters and survivors. 

Key Services & Products

1. Cancer Opinion & Guidance:  Get an opinion from our curated set of oncologists OR from an onco panel from our partner hospitals from the comfort of your home.  Understand the prognosis, diagnosis and the treatment roadmap at optimal.    Check the out the Partners section to see our partners. 

2. Holistic Care Consultations: Connect and get recommendations from our panel of experts on Physiotherapy, Yoga, Diet & Nutrition, Cancer Coaches, Lifestyle Elements to boost your immunity and etabolism

3. Survivor Connect: Connect with Cancer Survivors, learn & be motivated from their experiences.

4. Organic Foods:  Get nutrient rich organic microgreens and organic wheatgrass delivered to your doorstep at discounted prices. 

5. Personal Health Management Tools: Use the following tools to your advantage. Users have complete control on their data and can choose to share it with their doctors.

    a. Digital Medical Records

    b. Vital Log Tracking : Track & Visualize Trends in parameters that you track on a regular basis. (Weight, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Haemoglobin etc.)

    c. Symptoms Log:  Patients of family caregivers can log the symptoms and severity and easily share it with their doctors.

    d. Schedulers :  Schedule medication, Chemo appointments,

    e. Prepare your own Diet and Exercise Plan

6. Authentic Content: Get a feed of authentic content, webinars, doctor interviews, survivor interviews to learn the best practices and methods to prevent | detect | treat and manage cancer.


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