Integrative Cancer Care Programs

Yoga. Naturopathy. Diet. Counselling
and more…

One stop for holistic cancer care.

Online personalized program for women to adopt holistic wellbeing practices in their lives. Eliminate physical, mental, emotional issues which could be potential risk factors of cancer.

Personalized Care program for Cancer Patients & Cancer Survivors. Adopt Yoga, Nutrition, Meditation and Naturopathy to recover faster.

  • Post Surgical rehabilitation and Care
  • Management of side-effects from Chemo/Radiation
  • Reduce risk of recurrence
  • Mind Management
  • Overall health improvement

Personalized Oncology Opinion for Breast Cancer Patients and Survivors from ANVAY Care Panel Oncologist. Use this opinion to validate your treatment plan and learn about options.

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Wellness Videos

Awareness & Educative Sessions On Holistic Health

Know About Gynaecological Cancers. How To Prevent, Detect, Treat and Manage.
Managing Hormonal Imbalance in Women holistically
How to Perform Self Breast Examination for detecting breast abnormalities early

Why should you choose Our Care Program ?

Meaningful Integrative Care Improves Health Substantially

Natural Methods

Our focus is integrating natural healing methods like Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition, Counselling & Naturopathy in a meaningful way. These are completely complementary to conventional care.


Your health & wellbeing is the core. At Anvay, we believe in providing personalized care and guidance to help you navigate your health journeys.

Overall Wellbeing

Your living environment (air, water, food & ambience), your physical health and your mental health are the 3 pillars of wellbeing. We help you address all these dimensions to become better than what you are today.